Trump Rallies Post 2020

What do Trump rallies mean in a post-Trump era? Over the weekend former President Donald Trump held a Save America rally in Ohio. This comes with Trump’s first major move to an alt tech platform called Rumble. Notice that the title card does not say “former” President Donald J Trump, but that it just reads “President”. The rally itself was “high energy” and drew a … Continue reading Trump Rallies Post 2020

Fomenko’s New Chronology

In recent years there has been a lot of information and misinformation spread on the internet about the Russian author Anatoly Fomenko and his alternative take on the historical narrative and timeline. Fomenko’s work is presented in his 7 volume series entitled History: Fiction or Science?. This voluminous work has become somewhat of an impenetrable tome for the internet meme addicts of the world. For … Continue reading Fomenko’s New Chronology

Worlds Greatest Towers

One World Trade Center The One World Trade Center is the tallest skyscraper in the western hemisphere began construction in April of 2006. Although it was completed in 2013 but wasn’t opened until November 3, 2014. The building is the 4th tallest in the world coming in at 1,776 feet tall, a direct nod to the year of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Empire … Continue reading Worlds Greatest Towers