Why Hippies Put On The Suit

“It’s very difficult to find someone that’s more of a capitalist than an old hippy.” – Dave Ramsey

Do you want to know why the hippy movement failed? It’s not because the CIA subverted the movement from the inside. The movement died because the hippies realized that they were living a lie, although admittedly not the true hippies. In this case, we are talking about the people that were drawn to it as more of a pop sensation, it was the in thing to do at the time. A select few have continued the charade seeing as how they found success before the movement died. This should not be a reflection of the hippy movement any more than Dice Clay is a reflection of greasers of the 50’s. Tommy Chong, Ram Dass, and others found a way to express themselves through the hippy movement and that was it. Others just stopped living the lie and put on the suit. And people wanna bitch and moan about the Yuppies. Well, I guarantee the Yuppies are doing better today than the hippies that never stopped.

Hippies are lazy. Perhaps you might consider yourself a hippy in the modern sense and not think that you are lazy. That is fine. You are wrong.

Hippies claim to not want to participate in society because they seek to find, or claim they have found, some sort of cosmic force that gives them the reassurance they need to know that the system is a scam that is built to destroy. Although this is somewhat true. They themselves are the source of their own destruction. Their problem does not lay with free market capitalism. Their problem is with crony capitalism, which completely understandable. But very few hippies of my generation could distinguish the difference. If the hippy truly understood what they were talking about instead of just repeating sound bites that they have heard at their hippy gatherings they would realize that the whole movement, or what the movement turned into, was a joke.

I understand that there is some religious aspect of the hippy movement that cannot be ignored. Some very good people have found peace under the identity of being a hippy, finally being able to identify with something that they feel resonates with them. This should not be mistaken with any real “enlightenment” or understanding about some “great truth”. But rather I think was more of a result of the culture shock that occurred when airplanes began traveling across the world. Around the same time, the world saw an increase in the amount of “backpacker” tourist in countries all over the world. The free spirit of the time was something that was felt all over the world but wasn’t necessarily limited the hippies that came out of the 60’s.

The word hippy itself will get you into some trouble if you are not careful. It is known to true hippies that the word hippy was more of a news media stereotype that came to be associated with a certain type of person. The type of person that this article is meant for.

Money changed everything. To the hippy, money might be one of the things that they despise most. To a hippy, money is the root of all evil and is something that the world would be much better without. Perhaps the world would be much better off without money, but the world without money is a world with way fewer people than we have now, so the world with no money is not good for YOU!

Money is the closest thing to this cosmic force that they claim to be in connection with yet seem to know nothing about.

In the words of the great philosopher Boomhauer from King of the Hill,

Let’s just be clear I’m not talking about all “hippies”. I’m talking about the Sedona Arizona cosmic chakra yoga hippy. Their hate for money comes from their misunderstanding of what money is. Just like their misunderstanding of what god is lead them to some weird religion that is not a result of tradition but rather something that is a product of the times.

Or maybe some of the hippies do understand what it is all about is and some use the hippy thing as a gimmick or something that will reflect a lifestyle that they can stand behind.

At the end of the day, the hippy movement failed. So when I see young people today that are hipsters that are clearly mimicking what the hippies tried to do I don’t know what to think.

After all of this is done people will realize that things will change and are always changing. To try to go backwards is to stand still, and the people that are changing shit aren’t the hippies in the streets. It’s the gangsters in suits.


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