6 Strange Animations

Bimbo’s Initiation

Bimbo’s Initiation is an animated short made by Fleischer Studios in 1931. This cartoon has gained some attention in the conspiracy theorist realm by promoting the idea of secret societies. One of the more interesting parts of the cartoon is at the beginning when a character that looks very similar to Mickey Mouse puts a lock on the manhole cover that Bimbo falls into. What follows is a very strange sequence of events ends with Bimbo dancing with a bunch of Betty Boops.

Pink Elephants on Parade

The next animation is a short scene from Disney’s 1941 feature film Dumbo. The very strange dream scene Pink Elephants on Parade is sure to scare the hell of little kids everywhere. As to what Disney was thinking when putting the scene in the movie I have no idea, but the scene has garnered some criticism over the years as some people say it has adult themes that aren’t appropriate for children.

Banned Betty Boop

The infamous banned Betty Boop short. Fleischer Studios was not unfamiliar with putting Betty Boop in controversial scenarios, but this is certainly one of the most interesting ones. In a video that seems to be talking more about marijuana than ‘laughing gas’, this cartoon has gained recognition over the years for being just as strange as it is funny.

Divine Fate

Divine Fate is  the masterpiece and brainchild of Ishu Patel. This award winning animation takes a journey through time tackling some of the greatest issues of the human condition. It is certainly strange and odd at first but when you watch it all the way to the end it give you an experience you are likely to have never had with another video.

Trippy Animation

This trippy animation was one of the first strange cartoons I ever witnessed. Showing an interesting perspective on the modern media and how scenes affect our lives, this animation will be sure to leave you thinking.

The Meaning of Life

Don Hertzfeldt is certainly no stranger to making strange animations. To try to tackle something as complex as the meaning of life is certainly a mighty goal. After watching the whole thing I think he does a pretty good job. What do you think?

Know of any other strange animations that didn’t make it on the list? Be sure to leave a comment and I will definitely check them out.


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