Ads Good Ads Bad

I forget who I was listening to that give me this idea but it was a valuable point none-the-less. They said that people only hate ads when they aren’t useful to them. In fact, that is the only time the people see an ad as an ad. It is when the ad becomes useful that it just becomes information that we are able to take into our experience and use it for what it is.


Ads have become such an annoyance for some people it was even something that they made fun of in Grand Theft Auto 5.

Indeed, most people hate pop-ups. I myself use a popup blocker but I don’t think that I would if the type of thing that happened in the GTA video didn’t happen to me on an almost daily basis.

Like normal, South Park was right on the money with that video. The ads are evolving and nowadays it’s hard to tell what is an ad and what isn’t. Whether it’s a clever product placement or a stupid scam like the video below. The advertisers are getting more and more sophisticated with their marketing techniques .

Lucky for me, I have learned from the best.



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