The Secret City of Tesla & Marconi

     There is information that points toward South America that would suggest that Tesla and Marconi might have built some sort of secret city in the middle of the jungle. Tesla and Marconi are rooted in much lore and legend with regard to what they accomplished in their lifetimes. They were close friends for a while but then we are led to believe that they had a falling out due to Marconi stealing some of the information that Tesla worked with him on to make the early radio transmissions. Marconi himself was a considerably better business man than Mr. Tesla. Marconi made sure that his technology was applied to various areas. In fact, it was the Marconi system that was aboard the Titanic the night the ship sank that was used to send out the distress signals wirelessly. 

     Marconi was a student of Tesla’s early on and made his first radio transmission in 1895. This was the same year that Tesla and Westinghouse were making moves and created the Niagara Falls power-pant that was able to beat out Edison with this work on direct current. Big moves were being made and Marconi was able to transmit radio signals at the range of 1.5 miles and was issued a British patent for the Improvements in Transmitting Electrical Impulses and Signals and in Apparatus There-for. 

     It wasn’t all his though. He really was working with a palette of gadgets that were the product of many other peoples work, something that was more common in that day than we like to think of. Even though Marconi and Tesla are generally given credit for creating radio it was with the Hertz spark arrester, a Popov antenna, Branly coherer, all working together to make the feat possible. Indeed it was the collective work of several individuals that paved the way for such an event to take place. Although like many things, it often comes down to one person having the vision to unify the multiple theories. Marconi was that person in the world of radio. There wasn’t much support for his work in his home country of Italy so Marconi moved to England and was able to start the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Company in London in 1896. He was able to make one of his first long range transmissions of 31 miles to a French receiving station across the English channel in 1899. Prior to Marconi it was generally thought that the limit to long distance transmission was governed by the curvature of the earth. With his apparatus he was able to transmit a signal over 2000 miles from his lab in Cornwall to Canada creating major buzz around his work in the culture at the time gaining him much notoriety among his peers. In 1909 he was given a joint Nobel Prize with Karl Ferdinand Braun for “recognition of their contributions to the development of wireless telegraphy”.

    In 1919 Marconi acquired a former naval patrol boat for his private yacht that he converted into a mobile floating laboratory he named Electra. In his later years he was known to spend much time aboard the yacht doing various experiments ranging from attempting to send signals into space to work in antigravity. With the aid of an Italian physicists Landini they were able to send wave train signals through the earth and turn lights in Australia on wirelessly in 1930. By this time Marconi had already received the honor of Marchese by King Victor Emmanuel III of Italy and even set up the Vatican Radio system in 1931. 

    There has also been a highly controversial and speculative episode in the life of Marconi that may or may not be true centered around a recovery of a crashed UFO in Italy during April of 1933, fourteen years before the infamous Roswell incident. At this point in history Marconi had already joined the Italian Fascist party in 1923 and Mussolini appointed him the president of the Royal Academy of Italy in 1930. The crash materiel is said to have been recovered somewhere near Magenta in Lombardy as some sort of thin metallic foil. To investigate the crash there was some sort of legendary team that was assembled but Mussolini that was dubbed RS-33, presumably meaning Ricerche Speciali or Special Research 33. Marconi is thought to have been the leader of the special research team and this would mark the start of his work in black projects. 

    The crash was thought to be stored in a hanger at a SIAI Marchetti facility in Vergiate. Mussolini seemed to think that the craft was some sort of top secret craft that was being developed by either the Germans, French or British. This is possible considering that airships of various types had been in development since the mid-1800s. Marconi seemed to be of the position that the craft was otherworldly, but it is all highly speculative. There would have indeed been several experimental aircraft in the works during this time including the first jet aircraft. Aside from Marconi the special research team was thought to be comprised Italo Balbo and Galeazzo Ciano two other Fascist ministers of the party. They would have been looking into various sightings of craft that were noting to have happened during the years of 1933-1940. 

    One interesting perspective on the entire RS-33 research as a whole would be that it was closely connected to the Fascist Secret Police OVRA and might have had something to do with propaganda that was released at the time to make other governments think they might have been working on something they weren’t, it’s really hard to say. There is a number of “Fascist era” documents, memos, and reports all suggesting that there indeed might have been some sort of investigation on the topic going on.  

    During the war the resources directed at RS-33 could have been depleted and then the program could have been absorbed into the Nazi era research which could add another reason for the cooperation between Mussolini and Hitler. If it was in fact a early Nazi ufo style airship that was recovered it would explain why the research as a whole was sent back to Germany in 1938.

    If Marconi would have been working in the depths of the Italian black projects of World War 2, it would explain yet another interesting tale that we get coming from June 1936 where he demonstrated a “death ray” to Mussolini. We know that Tesla was also working on some kind of death ray technology could they be somehow connected? 

    It was just north of Milan on an day a like any other when showed his demonstration of the tech to the fascist leader. From the accounts we have it was said to have been targeted at a highway at around 3:30 in the afternoon when the device caused havoc among the motorists. From what we know the device acted as a sort of rudimentary EMP causing the electrical systems to malfunction in the cars traveling down the road. Mussolini’s wife recorded this account in her biography years later. Mussolini thought the invention did have some sort of merit and thought it could be weaponized, but it was met with resistance by the Vatican. Once Pope Pius XI learned of the so called “death ray” he took steps to limit Marconi’s research on the subject and ceased the development of it on behalf of the State. After being met with such opposition that stood in the way of his research it’s thought that Marconi could have faked his own death and fled to South America. Sound familiar? 

    Marconi sailing on his luxurious floating laboratory headed toward South America in 1937 with a suggested 98 other scientists in effort to join or form a breakaway civilization in the jungles of Venezuela far away from the rules and regulations of ‘civilized’ society. With him was Tesla, Landini, and fellow Italian physicist and alchemist Fulcanelli among others that were worried about the advances of various nuclear sectors in the emerging superpowers of the world. If you are working on some super top secret stuff the last thing that you want to have to worry about is having yourself and your work completely nuked off the face of the map. The community that they formed was said to have the future in mind being years ahead of the other powers around the world with regard to the tech they were working on. There is a couple of sources that are cited by David Childress on this issue of a high tech hidden city in Venezuela. There was a French writer by the name of Robert Charroux that referenced the city in his book The Mysteries of the Andes and in Ciudad Subterranae le los Andes during the mid 70’s. Charroux tells of a secret city occupied by Marconi and his crew that was a underground fortification on the edge of a volcano somewhere in Venezuela. 

    There is also a report by a Mexican journalist by the name of Mario Rojas Avendaro, and is said to have investigated the legends of this underground city and came to think of it as a true story. Avendaro came into connect with a man named Nacisso Genovese who was a student of Marconi’s and was also a physics teacher somewhere in Baja, Mexico that claimed to know of the city and claimed to live there for a number of years. Genovese was of Italian origin and could have had some connected to the crime family of the same name which could have lead to one of the sources for the funding of the secret city. Genovese had said that the city was built with considerable financial resources at it’s disposal, was for the majority underground, and for it’s time had considerably better research facilities than any other place on the planet. By the end of the war in 1945 the city was leading the world in technological advancement in it’s secret underground facilities. According the Genovese account the city was located at the bottom a volcanic crater and was mostly underground. It was completely off-grid away from any modern roads and was completely self sufficiant at about 13,000 feet in the remote jungles of the Amazon. At this level the entrance of the city could have been provided a layer of cover by clouds at that level making it even more difficult to find. There has been many different UFO / Airship sitings in South America of which we have already covered could this also be linked to them? Could this work have been the reason why the Nazis chose to inhabit South America after the war? Who else might have known? 

    Tesla was a fair bit older than Marconi and he died in 1943 at 86 years of age. It’s fair to speculate that Tesla himself didn’t spend much time at the location but could have known that his work was being further advanced far away from the eyes of people that could intervene. Tesla was known to work in the spy business and that is the reason that his tower at Wardenclyff was destroyed because it was suggested that Tesla was making covert communications from the tower to different spy cells in the area. What all was he working on that we still don’t know about? Marconi however being a bit younger when he was said to have died at the age of 63 is certainly more of a possibility. Marconi even in recent years has garnered somewhat of a legendary status in South America comparable to that of Tesla in the United States. 

    There is the account of a German journalist named Karl Brugger who wrote some stuff about the Nazis in South America in a book called the Chronicle of Aor, where he talks about a German battalion taking refuge in an underground city/ bunker on the borders of Brazil and Peru. Could this be the lost secret city that was mentioned? Brugger was assassinated in 1981 for reasons that are still unknown and the person that did it was never caught. Why would this have happened? What did he know? Oddly enough his guide Tatunca Nara was also the guide to Jacques Cousteau during his expeditions of the upper Amazon. Maybe he knew something about the location. 

    Much of this is subject to debate and is still up in the air with regard to the validity of the subject, but it is interesting none the less. 


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