False Messiah – I


In a place that we know as New York City

In the future things will be different. I’m writing this as if they aren’t already different now but we really haven’t seen anything. Things are about to get really weird. They have been putting up seawalls​ around the city. They say by the end of the decade some parts of the city will be completely underwater.

The streets are littered with broken souls some call human. The impending doom has spawned a whole new era of messiahs trying to save everyone from themselves in this epic cosmic battle of good and evil that we wage within our own minds. I can hear him out my window now:

God is here my friends!
We must repent for we have sinned!
The flood is coming again!
Oh lord, what have we done to forsake thee?
What have we done lord?
I haven’t done anything, it’s you people!
You worship false gods in this city of babel!
You should have known this was going to happen!
How much did you really think you could spend?

Every day he’s out there. Talking nonsense about shit that he has no control over. Talking about how he can save people, which to me seemed like a bit of a stretch. Some people need to be scared it’s the only way that they listen. If anybody listened to him it was because they were scared.


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