False Messiah – II


In a place that we know as New York City.

I like to walk most places that I go, it’s a benefit of living in the city. It’s really faster than most other ways of getting around. I suppose I could get a bike, but people in cars don’t respect people on bikes. Especially when it’s 8:45 in the morning and everybody needs to be somewhere.

It’s getting less and less practical to walk places though, people get robbed all the time. I almost did the other day, luckily he believed me when I told him I didn’t have any money. I have to plan my route, I try to take a different one every other day.

It’s Wednesday and I was walking home through the park. I love the park mainly because of the people that it draws to it. There is a guy that’s always there talking about the end of the world and shit. Talking about how people need to wake up. I stopped and listened to him today.

Ladies and Gentleman, do not be alarmed, but you have been deceived. Lied to in the name of truth disguised in confusion. Utter confusion in the facts as they are presented, or is it the presenter. Who is to blame, how much of the responsibility do you take when something is misunderstood, at what point should you stop listening, when are you to know? How are you to know? You should know. Don’t you get it. It’s not something that you see it’s something that you feel, do you feel it now? It’s there all the time. Promises that cannot be kept will not be followed up on. It was your responsibility to understand the truths as they are presented. Not mine. I understand, I do. I have a way that makes since, does that make me crazy, or just rational in my own mind. The utter insanity of life on the streets gets to you after awhile, listening to everybody’s stupid stories about their shitty lives and their shitty jobs and their families that don’t give a fuck about them. When do they listen to my story, nobody listens to my story, that’s why I’m fucking out here! Look at you fucking people you just walk by and stare, some of you glance in my direction I know you feel what I am saying but you are afraid. Afraid of what to stop and talk, what to me? You should be scared of yourself, because that is the only liar here. I am not the one that brings false truths, nor do I expose truth, I just shout random shit at the top of my lungs out on the street at night when the freaks are out, thats when I feel safe. What? You think I wouldn’t go out at night. I will walk this line to my grave I have nothing to fear. And you what? You are scared to go out at night, don’t want to get involved. What a joke. Remember how I said you were deceived, guess who the deceiver is. Go home and look in the mirror and ask why?

That guy is a fucking nut-case.


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