The Fall of Ye

It all started with a tweet.

The timeline in which this has unfolded has undoubtedly been a spectacle over the last few weeks. Ye, the artist formally known as Kanye West, went from being a multi-billionaire as a celebrated musician and fashion designer, quickly to one of the most controversial and canceled people in the world. On October 8th, 2022 Ye would make his “death con 3” tweet, which we now know could have been the worst and most costly drunk tweet of all time.

This would be the first domino in a series of events that would ultimately lead to Ye having his Twitter account permanently suspended. After this tweet, there was a media fallout with people and agencies calling to denounce and condemn Ye for his words on Twitter. Ye’s bank accounts were frozen for what we know is related to an unresolved tax issue, GAP would stop carrying the YZY line, and his 2 billion dollar contract with Adidas was terminated costing Ye 500 million dollars over the next 4 years.

Ye had already been in the news for about a month before this because of a controversial photo that was posted with him and Candace Owens appearing at an event sporting a White Lives Matter shirt.

This photo would start to warm the water, but it was Ye’s “death con” tweet that would seemingly bring the water to a boil in his proverbial pot. He then started doing public interviews, something we hadn’t seen much of recently.

In these two interviews, Ye was somewhat able to present himself in a way that didn’t make him completely unhinged. Although his perspectives on the topics might be of the more controversial variety his takes seemed to come from a place of confusion, frustration, and misunderstanding.

His next interview was on the Lex Fridman podcast. Ye seemed to be there out of his respect for Fridman and his work as an engineer. This would be the first real interview in that we saw Ye face some pushback on his ideas relating to the Jews. Lex would try to offer some constructive criticism in the form of telling Ye to be specific about who he was talking about and not just use blanket terms and ostracise an entire group of people and instead say the name’s of individuals.

In the mix of all this, Ye had posted a tweet of a screenshot of a message, between himself and his personal trainer that would give a glimpse into Ye’s shadowy world.

This tweet is exposing the relationship dynamic between Ye and his personal trainer Harley Pasternak. It has been claimed that Pasternak has a history with the Canadian military ranging from intelligence work to MKULTRA-style psyops. We can certainly see Harley attempting to manipulate Ye here.

It seemed for a moment that things were starting to calm down for Ye. Rumors of him buying Parler and circumventing the censorship were stirring. Fans are not stranger to Ye tweeting and deleting and moving on to the next episode as the saga continues. The story would reach a new level with the controversy surrounding a dinner that was held at Mar-a-Lago with Donald Trump. Ye would take to Twitter saying:

The controversy would be taken to new heights from this point on as the media was using it in a weaponized way not against Ye, but against Donald Trump. Two other people would accommodate Ye the evening he arrived at Mar-a-Lago – Milo Yiannopoulos and Nick Fuentes. Trump drew heavy criticism for this due to the rather extreme views expressed regularly by Fuentes.

This story remained in the news cycle for a considerable amount of time as it was being used against Trump. What’s not mentioned here is that Nick was not invited by Trump but actually just tagged along with Ye. Milo was present because of his “role” as Ye’s presidential campaign manager.

The details of the dinner have been subject to a lot of debate. Why would Trump host such extreme personalities just after announcing his campaign for the 2024 presidency? What did they talk about? Why were they there? The initial reports coming from the event stated that Ye was there to ask Trump to be his official running mate to become president. Trump attempted to dodge the damage Fuentes contributed by saying he had no idea who he was. It was reported that Trump was trashing Kim. There were reports of Trump yelling at Ye for reasons unknown and according to Nick and Ye himself, Trump seemed to not be bothered by Nick’s presence at the time of the meal. This all would eventually lead to Trump taking to Truth Social to make this remark:

Meanwhile, as the fake news was going crazy YouTuber Tim Pool was live on stream addressing personal drama between him and his ex-cohost when he got a call. Tim seemed extremely excited saying he just got one of the best calls of his life. There was speculation on it being a big guest which lead some to wonder if it was Ye or possibly Elon Musk. On a Monday Tim would tweet this photo:

The hype was real. Everyone was excited to see the latest thing Ye had to say and finally we might get some answers about what really happened at the now-infamous Trump / Ye dinner. Watch as it unfolds here:

It was a very strange interview. It only lasted about half an hour before Ye would walk off the set because he clearly didn’t want to be there and was not in the mood to answer any questions that didn’t go directly along with his worldview. During that short amount of time though we learned some key bits of information. Firstly it was thought that Milo somehow organized the dinner with Trump. Ye quickly corrects Tim on this stating that he had been trying to meet with Trump back in October but the dinner had been postponed due to Trump announcing he was going to run for president. Tim would ask how they all came together and Ye commented saying that he was introduced to Milo because of Alex Jones’ producer reaching out to him stating that Milo wanted to contact him. Milo then would be the one to bring Fuentes into the fold. Other key moments included Ye revealing he had 50 million in back taxes he owed the IRS that he had only found out about that morning.

Ye made comments about being handled and was subject to MKULTRA.

He also continued to ramble stating that he was told to put his money in Axos bank which has connections to Trump but said he would like to actually have his own bank. This could have had something to do with the business comments that Trump had made on Truth Social.

Tim responds to the entire situation here:

There were questions at the time as if the event was actually planned to happen in this way. Tim was eventually assured by Milo that it wasn’t supposed to happen, but this didn’t leave him without initial doubts. There were reports of the trio saying they had got what they had come for and were laughing on the way back to their private jet. Tim seemed to think it was too convenient that they were able to order a jet so quickly and they found it odd that they did not at any point request the location of the Airbnb the Timcast crew had arranged for the group. Although that point would be later challenged by Fuentes saying they did go to the Airbnb but decided not to stay. Milo did say at the beginning of the show that he thought he had come up with a way to make this appearance even bigger than his last which he touted as the best Timcast IRL episode ever. People have speculated as to what exactly is Milo’s role as Ye’s campaign manager even noticing Milo could be writing some of Ye’s tweets.

“..the only platform I’ll have left is Truth Social”

Three days later Kanye would appear on Alex Jones’ show on what could only be described as a social suicide mission. Completely, to everyone’s surprise, he would make comments about how he loved Hitler and how he denied facts about the Holocaust. He would double down on the comments about the Jews and show no attempt in walking anything back.

It’s truly amazing that this was allowed to happen. How was such a train wreck unable to be spotted from a distance? Ye would continue tweeting on into the night calling out various people.

One last window.

The text exchange between Elon and Ye as it happened.

Elon would ultimately opt to permanently suspend Ye.

One might wonder if this was Ye’s attempt to take control of his own narrative. To cancel himself before the woke mob could do any more damage to his name. A sort of death by his own sword. It’s really hard to tell. We will have to see what is next for Ye.

From here we can speculate and wonder if some sort of deal was worked out at the dinner that never really got addressed. Were the initial stories that came about the happenings at the dinner true? Did Trump truly mean what he said in his posts on Truth Social? What about the thing about people telling Ye to use the bank that Trump uses? Why isn’t Trump back on Twitter? And why did Ye seemingly turn his back on Elon only to leave Truth Social to be his new home? Trump had this to say:

The last hours of Ye’s Twitter can be found here. Look for more on Truth Social.

UPDATE: As of December 4th, 2022 Milo is no longer associated with the Ye campaign.


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