I like to think that certain things happen for a reason. Thinking back I can remember particular events, things in my life that have happened that I don’t really understand. Times when I thought to myself ‘this cannot be mere coincidence’. Certain things happening to keep you out of danger, you know that sort of thing. Often times I wonder if I myself have been the catalyst for any of these events to occur in other people’s lives.

#MckennaMonday is a new hashtag on twitter that I’ve been seeing around lately. I’m not sure if it was used before, but I’m crediting Amber Lyon for the reason I am writing this. I was looking through the hashtags on twitter and everyone was talking about food of the gods. I remember reading this book as a junior in high school. It was the second book I had ever really purchased for my own interests. I remember how a study hall teacher had come up and ask me about the book because she had seen the mushrooms on the front. She asked me what I was reading. As a kid from the middle of Indiana, what do you tell your study hall teacher when she asks you about why you are reading Terrence McKenna, mainly because the book had mushrooms on it.

My response was something like this:

“Well, it’s kinda about the origins of human consciousness, and how psychedelic mushrooms could have been what started to give monkeys the ability to think differently from the other animals. And how that then led to what we think of as human intelligence. I don’t really believe in the bible, so I’m interested in all kinds of different theories and ideas.”

Again, I’m not really sure how much relevance this has to the story, but you have to understand what type of person this study hall teacher was. She was a typical middle America, Jesus loving, Billy O’Reilly watchin’ study hall teacher. I stress this because I cannot accurately convey her dumbfounded face and look of disgust she gave me after I had given my response. I remember this moment so well because it was so painfully awkward.

“That’s interesting,” she said, right before she turned around, went back to her desk, and avoided me like the plague for the remainder of the period.

I haven’t thought about this moment in years, and it’s because of the twitter post that I did. For me, it’s been one of those particular events I was referring to before. I’m talking about that book because I lost it. I’m not really sure how. Thinking about it I can only recall three different instances in which case I would have lost and not just misplaced it. One being that I left it in my locker that year at school. Two being I could have just let someone borrow it and forgot to get it back. Or the third idea which is me leaving it in a car that I sold (I think it was under the seat). I’m not really too sure about the first two, and that is the reason why I think the third is probably what really happened.

Thinking about that book today, I wonder where it is and who has it. I wonder if it influenced their lives in any way like it did mine. I wonder if me losing that book is one of those moments when instead of gaining something I lost it but for the benefit of someone else. Maybe I caused one of those moments, be it directly or indirectly. It is just one instance of how things that we do can affect anyone, and inspire or cause them to do something that they otherwise wouldn’t have done before. Just like the twitter post that inspired me to tell this story.


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