Trump Is Playing the Ultimate Game

Donald Trump is a master of media. Regardless of who you want to win the Presidential Election in 2016, you have to give some respect to Donald Trump for the amount of shit he has managed to stir since he announced he was going to be running for president.

When Trump first announced that he was going to be running in the presidential election, I like many people didn’t give him a chance. When he first started gaining stream I thought he was a sort of a cult of personality. A fad. Something that the public was using to entertain their time while we wait for the real debates to start happening. But the more that time goes on Trump just keeps looking better and better.

Regardless of what people might say about Trump the fact remains that even Bush money couldn’t talk loud enough when it shared the stage with him. He’s arguably doing the same with the Clinton money. What at first only seemed like a long shot the possibly of Donald Trump getting the Republican nomination is now better than ever. When Fox News asked Newt Gingrich why exactly the Republican party was freaking about Trump winning the Republican nomination he had this to say,

…because he’s an outsider, he’s not them, he’s not part of the club, he’s uncontrollable, he hasn’t been through the initiation rites, he isn’t a part of the secret society.

So how exactly is Trump doing this? It’s simple. Trump is a master of media. He learned everything he ever needed to know about what he is doing while doing the show The Apprentice. Who really was the apprentice? Did you really think it was all of those people on the show? He sent all of those people out to fail so he didn’t have to. He was seeing what worked and what didn’t.

Trump was an apprentice to the machine, and now he is playing the ultimate game. He is shaking things up in a way that makes this election very interesting.


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