Trump Rally PSYOP?

We are going deep into the what-if drawer on this one so get ready.

Over the last couple days, some very interesting things have happened with Donald Trump. Earlier in the week riots broke out at what would have been a Trump rally in Chicago. Trump canceled the rally because of “security concerns”.

Later that day a post on the Reddit conspiracy page reached the top with the title: The Trump Rally Protest Last Night Was a PSYOP

Trump was on the news the next day asking them why they were playing the same footage over and over trying to make Trump look bad. They were pushing a message that alleged that Trump’s rhetoric has paved the way for the violence that was taking place that night.

A day or so later Trump was seen at another rally when a man attempted to rush up onto the stage. The secret service did their job and took the guy out well before he was able to get on the stage.

This is where we get into the what-if drawer. What if Trump planted that dude in the audience to have him do that. What if Trump was trying to do some sort of damage control from the PSYOP that was said to have happened a few days before.

Just some food for thought… It’s most likely just people getting energized because of the elections. Conspiracies are always fun.


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