Be A Globalist

If you watch Alex Jones you might think that the NWO globalist agenda is something that is designed to wipe out humanity. Although this most likely is not the purpose of the agenda, it’s possible that some of the friction that is felt in the world today has a direct correlation with some of the ideas that have been put into motion thanks to the globalist.

For this reason anyone that watches Alex Jones for the entertainment value should at least balance out some of the over the top info with something like Bloomberg to get a more rational view of the world.

The fact remains that globalism is something that has been set into motion and its something that is not worth fighting. We are moving toward a global economic system that will be greater than anything else that the world has ever seen. Today you are either with the globalist or you are against them. Someone like Alex Jones might lead you to believe that the globalist agenda is something that is only acted on by the elite, the fact remains that Alex has a global audience.

There are two different types of globalist that I have been looking into recently. One class is the elite business people that travel all around the world cutting million/billion dollar deals truly moving and shaking up the free world. The other type of globalist is the “laptop lifestyle” “digital nomad” travel bloggers. Although the wealth of these two types of globalist varies greatly, the one thing that they both have in common is the use of the latest technology that is available to them. These people game the system instead of seeking to change the system and that is the crucial difference.

Admiditly the system isn’t perfect but it is the best thing that we have been able to come up with. If something else worked better we would be using that system. So next time you think about hating on a globalist maybe you might think about how you could become a globalist. It’s the future like it or not.


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