Mind Diets, Screen Time, and Productivity

Everyone should think about the screen time that they have as if it were a ‘mind diet’. Think about all the time that you spend looking at different screens and think about if that time if being spent in a worthwhile way.

It’s really easy to eat shitty food all the time because it tastes good but it really isn’t good for you. You know that it isn’t good for you so you don’t always eat junk food and you take the time to exercise to keep you body in shape. The same attitude should be applied when thinking about the time that you spend consuming media.

Video games can be thought of as the ‘fast food’ of media consumption. It’s really fun and entertaining but rarely is it a productive use of your time.

Since you can’t really “work out” your brain you have to consciously think about doing things that are productive. Learn to play an instrument. Learn to play chess. Learn anything that challenges your normal pattern of thinking.

While working out might result in a better physical shape for the body, doing this mindfulness trick will “tone” the mind to be more productive.


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