Tread Lightly In These Waters

Tread lightly in these waters. They lead to parts of the mind known to few men. In this wake of eden we row on against the current set on a known-unknown course. Pray to the gods for smooth seas. The more we know the more prepared we are when the waters start to churn. Into the belly of the beast only to be shit out into the abyss. Spirits of men pass freely between these worlds. Some are chained to the past and others lean into the future. Only free men do both. The navigation of the heavens serves as a reminder of our origins but only to be used as guides into uncharted territory. Bastien knew as well as Hancock. Rejoyce in this wake. It is the fountain of youth. Vico these ideas. Changing times require us to change. Change with the times or be forgotten, be ahead of your time and never see appreciation. Be of your time and people will rejoyce.

The internet is a bad place. Don’t let the bright lights and the flashing images fool you. The internet is a place of habit. A place where mediocrity flourishes. I suppose it is not the technology, but rather the people that are using it, myself included. But the internet is different. The internet seems to be a reflection of ourselves. Look at the world and the state of things. Look around you. Is this eden? Is this paradise? This is a world of the wicked. And so they flourish. The internet is a place for the weak. And the creator watches what they have done, and the ego is fed. And it corrupts them. The internet is a place for egos. An ocean full of sharks looking for an honest porpoise. Tread lightly in these waters. They are not a place for honest men.


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