The Kings of America

Was George Washington King George III?

How much do you really know about the “first” president of the United States? Did you know that he was actually the 15th president? There were 14 other presidents that came before him that were the head of something called the Continental Congress. The first president of what we would think of like the early United States was actually Peyton Randolph who was the leader for just 47 days in 1774. Did you know that contrary to the popular notion the United States actually only has 46 “states”? Before the revolution 4 states were given “commonwealth” status and remain commonwealths to this day. Those 4 “states” are Kentucky, Virginia, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania. Although they are technically states for all intents and purposes it is worth noting because America has a very interesting history that some might not always consider. 

One of the more interesting episodes comes from 1782. Below is a copy of the Newburgh letterIt was a letter sent to George Washington shortly after the revolution that not so subtly suggested that Washington should become King of America. This entire scheme was part of something that historians would later dub the Newburgh ConspiracyIn short, it was a plot to overthrow the freshly minted form of government that was in place after the revolution.

Why would they want to do something like this? They had just fought a revolution against the tyranny of King George III, so why would they want to make themselves subjects to a new king? Well, there was a group of loyalists in the north that was still fans of the monarchy. In fact, there were several attempts to make a King of America that didn’t even involve Washington. One of the more famous accounts was the Prussian scheme.

When a person came to America in the early days they would do so having sworn to the oaths of allegiance and supremacy, usually to the British monarchy or whatever country they had come from. They would come to America on behalf of their nation to build and develop for it. It would have been some of these people that remained loyal to the oath they took that would have been in support of the American monarchy. It might come as a surprise to some that America was actually a monarchy longer than it has been a ‘republic’. 1492 – 1776 was 284 years and from 1776 to 2021 it’s been 245 years. 

As the story goes it was in 1492 that Christopher Columbus sailing under the Templar Cross on behalf of Queen Isabella I of Spain landed in San Salvador, an area we know today as the Bahamas. It marked the first official landing of a European in the new world. 21 years later he would land in San Augustine, Florida which would become the first Spanish European colony on the continental United States. Of course, it was not known as the United States then nor was it known as America. This area would come to be known as La Florida and later would become part of New Spain during a time of territorial disputes among the French, British, and Spanish. 

The first colony that was established by the British would have been Roanoke Colony in 1585 during the reign of Queen Elizebeth I. For several years, this was subject to much debate as Roanoke became known as “The Lost Colony”. Today we know that there was quite literally a coverup. On the John White map of 1584, we see a clear cover-up of a star fort. 

The current theory for this coverup proposes that the colony was not lost but actually moved for strategic purposes. This would mark the beginning of covert English operations in the new world, while the narrative would then shift to Jamestown

Jamestown, Virginia would go on to be known to history as the first English settlement in the new world in 1607 founded during the reign of America’s second sovereign, the masonic King James IV & I of England and Scotland

With Jamestown came the founding in 1606 of the Virginia Company of London which was a joint-stock venture created to found more British colonies in the new world on behalf of the monarchy. Formally known as the Plymouth Company this would be the first in a series of British “companies” that would pop up during the colonial period of American history.

During the reign of America’s 3rd monarch Charles I, we would see several advances in Colonial America. The founding of Salem, Massachusetts. The “New England Company” would be reorganized as the Massachusetts Bay Company. Puritans would found Boston. The creation of the Shires of Virginia. Connecticut would be founded. From 1625 – 1649 there would be several moves made in the new world that would be done ultimately to serve the Crown until Charles I was executed during the English civil war. Sorry, Charlie.

Charles II would be the 4th monarch to oversee the development of America. During the time of his reign from 1660 – 1685, we would see several things happen such as the founding of Charleston, South Carolina, known originally as Charles Town. Virginia land rights are given to Thomas Colepeper, 2nd Baron Colepeper, and Henry Bennet, 1st Earl of Arlington. East Jersey and West Jersey were chartered. The founding of Philadelphia. England captures New Netherlands and renames it the Province of New York. Among others.

The 5th monarch to have his hand in the American pie would be James II. He would oversee the creation of the Dominion of New England, and deal with various protesters that would be angry about arbitrary taxes. He had a rather short reign only lasting from 1685 – 1689.

America would then see a joint reign of the 6th monarchy they would have to deal with during the time of William III and Mary II of England during the years from 1689 – 1694. These two would have to deal with some more rebellious colonists overthrowing various forms of colonial government with more protests of English taxation. After 1694 William III would go on to be the sole ruler without Mary II and establish a Board of Trade. He would then oversee that Delaware Colony was granted charter so that it would separate from Pennsylvania, the founding of Yale University, and East and West Jersey would also merge becoming the Province of New Jersey during the reign of this monarch.

The 7th monarch Americans would have to deal with was Queen Anne. She was the last of the Stuarts and would serve as Queen for 12 years before the Crown would transition to the House of Hanover.

The 8th monarch of America would be King George I of Hanover. He would reign from 1714 to 1727. He would oversee the Yamasee War. The killing of Blackbeard the pirate. The Colony of Virginia passing an act to deal with slave conspiracies, and see to Fort Oswego being built in the Great Lakes region which would go on to be a strategic point of interest during the conflict with the French.

The 9th English monarch of America was King George II of Hanover. The state of Georgia would be named after him. He outlined the state boundaries of New York. Overseen the founding of Princeton University. Founded the Ohio Company and sent George Washington to secure the land. Oversees the beginning of the Seven Years’ War with France that starts at Fort Oswego which was founded by his father. Oversees the outbreak of the French and Indian War, of which George Washington would serve him in fighting. He would be the last monarch that the American colonists would tolerate.

The 10th and final monarch of Colonial America was George III someone that I would argue is in fact George Washington himself. The new King George’s tyrannical policies led to American colonial leaders establishing a new nation – and choosing George Washington to lead them. Below is a halfpenny that was minted in England but used in America from 1727-1760.

These are also known as Washington namesake pennies.

Although King George II never came to America, it’s said that he used George Washington in several different instances to secure his interests here in America. Is it possible that his son King George III could have been in America under the guise of George Washington securing the interests of the British Empire? If you have a guy that is serving the British crown as an officer in the war, securing land for King George II, why would you then elect that same guy to be president to spite King George III because colonists thought him to be tyrannical?

It should be noted that although King George III officially was never a Freemason, six of his sons were. Those six were: George, Prince of Wales; Frederick Augustus, Duke of York; William Henry, Duke of Clarence; Edward Augustus, Duke of Kent; Ernest Augustus, Duke of Cumberland and Augustus Frederick, Duke of Sussex.

If George III was never a Freemason, interestingly, there are paintings of him using the hidden hand masonic gesture as you can see in the photos below. Even more interesting that six of his children would become masons if he in fact had nothing to do with the order. Even his son Prince Frederick, Duke of York and Albany, was another contender for the hypothetical American throne.

There is another noteworthy account about a spy by the name of Aristarchus that in 1780 informed King George III that he was spotted while walking in disguise in the Queen’s Garden during a time that the French were planning an assassination. Who might he have been disguised as? George Washington? Could this be why he was dubbed the “Mad King” because of his willingness to fight on behalf of the monarchy in the new world? 

There is also an interesting letter written from the perspective of George Washington in 1798 where he’s noting the subversive influence of the Jacobin Illuminati within the masonic lodges that were established in America. We know that Washington himself was a spymaster and numerous sources will validate that claim. Could it be possible that the reason for the plan of the French assassination of King George III 18 years before this letter was the French Illuminati had gotten wind of King George III’s secret identity?

Today we also know that George Washington had a woman by the name of Charlotte who was an enslaved seamstress at Mount Vernon. Some have even suggested in modern times that Washington fathered a secret family with this woman that went on to be “owned” by Martha Washington. Interestingly enough today there is also talk about how King George III’s wife Queen Charlotte was controversial at the time because of her dark skin color. Is this the same Charlotte or just a coincidence in names?

Although this might seem like a bit of a stretch it’s also worth noting that Queen Charlotte was from a Portuguese royal family that was descendent from Moors. There could be some connection here between Verdiacee Tiara Washington who claimed to be the Moorish Empress of America. I’m not sure how or why they claim to be a descendant of Washington, but there could be some sort of connection if Washington did indeed have a secret family, although it is a big “if”. 

Why would something like this happen?

During colonial America, things were different than they are today. British, Spain, and France were all contending for their own slices of the new world. Within the Moorish community, Washington has an interesting dynamic. Here is a letter that was written to the Sultan of Morocco where Washington is expressing his feelings toward the Sultan for the help he’s given to the United States.

There has been an Anglo – Moroccan alliance since the beginning of English involvement in America during the reign of Elizebeth I. It was an agreement between the Queen and Sultan Ahmad al-Mansur securing trade and mutual interest against King Phillip II of Spain who was advancing on territorial claims in the Americas at the time.

As the Moorish lore goes it was the French King Louis XVI that entered his son Louis XVII into an arranged marriage with a Moorish American princess. Officially Louis XVII died at the young age of 10 but in this theory, he eloped to the Americas. This would have been done to secure territorial land rights to the area we know today as Spanish Louisiana. The entire area that we know as the Louisiana territory might have been under the control of these Moorish American tribes before the European presence in North America.

While the colonies in 1682 were seeing development under the English King Charles II, the French would land in Louisiana during the reign of the Sun King Louis XIV sending explorers north to secure the area we know today as New France. It would be in this time period that the French would come to know of the Moorish-connected tribes that had already settled in this area and for this reason, Louis VXI would later arrange a marriage to secure lawful territorial claims.

France would see defeat during the Seven Years’ War in 1763 and would be forced to give up part of the claim to the British and give the rest of the claim to Louis XV’s cousin Charles III King of Spain. From 1763 to 1800 the area would become known as Spanish Louisiana.

So during this time period, we have 4 things that occur that are crucial to this theory. The American Revolution starts in 1776 and the colonists rebel against the tyrannical policies of King George III. The Moorish claim of the arranged marriage of Louis XVII to a native princess of America. Napoleon came to power in Europe claiming the right to the title of Emperor because of his Merovingian lineage, and Morocco becomes the first nation to acknowledge the United States as a sovereign nation, presumably due to this anglo-Moroccan alliance that had been in place for several years.

Could King George under his assumed masonic name of George Washington then be able to appease the rebellious colonists with one of the biggest propaganda plays in history?

King George Washington would then lead troops into New York and pull down his own statue of King George III creating a historical reset marking the beginning of federal history in America.

With Napoleon being of Merovingian descent it would have usurped the claim of European thrones and Bourbon Dynasty from which the Louis had hailed. This would be why he would have been able to give away the area of the Louisiana purchase to the Americans not honoring the deal of the secret treaty which the Moorish community claims. Any sort of arranged marriage would be made null with the presence of Napoleon.

An offer you can’t refuse.

With the French making empire size land grabs and trading it back and forth between family there certainly is reason to believe that the British forces in America might want to ensure they aren’t forced to give up some if not all of their territorial claims. One of the reasons that the federalists were opposed to the Louisiana Purchase was because Napoleon was going to use the money he got from the transaction to attack British forces. Although this never happened, interestingly, it was the British aristocracy who was jealous of Napoleon to a large extent and was envious of what he was able to accomplish. He was generally liked to be the people of his day and this caused the English to launch a kind of revisionist historical propaganda campaign that we still see the remnants of today.

There is a somewhat interesting theory that floats around on the internet suggesting that Thomas Jefferson was the masonic name of Marquis de Lafayette. There was a close relationship between Lafayette and Washington similar in the way of Jefferson. Although Jefferson technically was never considered to be a freemason, this is during a time in which if you were at the top echelon of the political world you would be rubbing shoulders with the masonic agenda and the people putting it into action. 

So if we think about this in terms of a masonic agenda consider the assassination attempt on King George III that was disclosed in the spy letter. This was in 1780 at a time when Louis XV was King of France reigning from the House of Bourbon extending into the Americas with territorial claims on behalf of the French. The assassins involved in this plan would have been loyalists to the King. The letter was written nine years before the start of the French Revolution in 1789, which would explain the drastic measures to secure power. Six years after the start of the French Revolution King Louis XVI would be executed publicly, although it’s been debated whether or not it was a double that was executed. Five years after the execution of the French King and eighteen years after the plan of the attempted assignation of King George III, Washington writes his letter in 1798 noting the Illuminati’s influence in Masonic lodges in America. Napoleon would seize power in France the next year in 1799 proclaiming the title of Emperor.

So this agenda would have been an imperial agenda due to the secret history of Napoleon being of Merovingian descent. The agenda being put forward in the Masonic lodges of America would be one of imperial expansion in America in the name of the Emperor. King George III could have been cued into this plan as a member of the Prussian House of Hanover and ruled as King under the reign of Emperor Napoleon. This could be why Napoleon never attacked England and why the Federalists were ignored with their concerns of America getting too close with the French. It wasn’t the French monarchy that they would be getting cozy with, it would have been the French Illuminati / American Illuminati acting in concert against the old ruling factions of France which claimed the territorial lands via the secret arranged marriage of Louis XVII. It’s also worth noting that the period of the great English propaganda campaigns against Napoleon would coincide with the idea of King George III being a “mad” king if, in fact, he was in America under the guise of George Washington.

It was in 1800 that the Treaty of San Ildefonso was agreed upon when the King of Spain gave New Orleans back to the French and into the hands of Napoleon. The Moors claim that it was originally planned to just be the seaport city of New Orleans in the deal so when Napoleon made the deal with the United States to give up the entire area of the Louisiana Purchase they contend it would make the transaction unlawful. US President Jefferson, sent an agent by the name of Robert Livingston to broker the deal between the United States and the French for the Louisiana Territory. Napoleon then would relinquish the rights to the land for a meager 15 million dollars which would have equated to about 3 cents an acre. The land would go on to be modernized and developed under American imperial expansion.

Eight years after Napoleon pretty much gave the Louisiana territory to the American forces, a Freemason Joseph Bonaparte, Napoleon’s brother who looked very much like Napoleon himself, became the King of Spain in an attempt to stamp out the influence of the House of Bourbon in Europe.

It was a short-lived reign in Spain for Joseph only lasting until 1813 amounting to just five years. Around this time Napoleon would attempt and fail to marry a Romanov which led to his failed invasion of Russia in 1812. Just one year after Joseph’s last year in power after a series of blunders, the European aristocracy grew tired of Napoleon and eventually sent him into exile on the Isle of Elba.

It’s been noted elsewhere that Napoleon knew they were planning on sending him to exile and it’s said his brother Joseph offered to trade places with him. Considering how similar they looked it could indeed be very possible that this switch took place and it was actually Joseph Bonaparte that was sent to exile. Napoleon as Joseph would then go to America, land in New Jersey, and plot the rescue of his brother. Although this switch request is said to have been denied by Napoleon himself, we do know that Joseph Bonaparte himself, or Napoleon under that name, came to America after his period of being King of Spain. It is then known that a pirate by the name of Jean Lafitte out of New Orleans could have worked with one of the Bonapartes to rescue the other from exile. It’s thought that Napoleon at this point in his life after numerous exhibitions to the middle east and Egypt wanted to explore the ruins of South America and gave up much of his political pursuits to be able to do this in relative seclusion and secrecy while he was assumed to be living out his final days on Elba.

So going back to the Newburgh letter. Why would Washington have declined to be King? Officially history will tell us he was very offended by the offer to consider himself King while fighting the tyrannical King George III Americans had already been subject to. Was that really it or could he have denied being King because he was already the real King of England? Aside from George, within the Prussian scheme, the plan was to make Prince Henry of Prussia the King of America.

He was the brother of Emperor Wilhelm II of Prussia / Germany. Keep in mind that King George III was from the House of Hanover which was a Prussian state within the German Empire. We are told that Henry also declined the opportunity of taking this position. If it would have happened we could imagine modern presidents as a kind of prime minister for the American monarchy. There have been theories that suggest who would have been in the line of secret monarchs of America that would have ruled over the presidents if this would have taken place. 

Prince Henry would have been the first of three Kings / Princes of America from House Hohenzollern the other two being Prince Augustus I – (1802-1813) and Prince Augustus II – (1813-1843)
After the reign of the first three Kings / Princes, there would have been six more from the House of Hanover that would have been directly related to King George III. They would have ruled over the 11th – 46th presidents and are listed below.

Although we are using the word “King” here loosely it would be more adequate to say that they were shadow princes of an American monarchy which would be the reason they never truly claimed the title of King. They would function as military-style leaders within the secret order working on behalf of the hidden Imperial Bonaparte family.

Charles Joseph Bonaparte, an American descendant of Napoleon would then go on to be a founding member of the FBI in 1908 which would allow the organization to function as a sort of modern imperial guard/police of the deep state empire.

If you made it to the end of this article I would just like to note that this is certainly a blend of historical fact and what would be speculative fiction. It is meant to inspire the reader to research the history of the United States and question what we have been told. Although it might not have happened exactly like this and Washington might have not been King George III, I hope you found the article interesting or at the least, entertaining. 


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