Walt Disney World

Here is the complete original film from Walt’s “Epcot / Florida Film” – a 24 minute preview to EPCOT that Walt recorded on October 27, 1966 – just a few weeks before his death. With help from models, concept art and animation, he outlined, for the media and interest groups, his plans for the Florida Project – Disney World and especially the details for EPCOT. This film was shown only to those limited groups in 1967 and on very very few occasion ever since.


Walt Disney was a 33rd-degree mason. He uses subliminal messages in his cartoons, movies, and advertising. Disney also has a strong interest in “magic” (an occult religious concept), as well as the introduction of Illuminati symbolism. Researchers who have attempted to publish these truths on a large scale have been prevented from doing so since Disney is one of the most powerful media corporations in the world.

Another story goes that Jean Lafitte, a notorious pirate of the Caribbean, used some of the money he stole to build the Haunted Mansion. Afraid that his naive new bride would find the rest of his ill-gotten riches and discover his dark past, Lafitte hid the rest of the stash on nearby Tom Sawyer Island. But his bride discovered the truth and killed him, leaving his corpse to hang from the rafters of the mansion.


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