A Look Into the Life of the World’s Wealthiest People

I’ve been fascinated with the rich people lately. There is certainly no shortage of videos online of rich people showing off what they own. But I’m not talking about Tai Lopez or any of these bullshit lifestyle entrepreneurs that are basically Donald Trump wannabes. I’m talking about the real movers and shakers the people that really don’t want to show you all that they own because it would reveal just how wealthy they actually are. I’m talking several multimillion dollar homes all over the world wealthy. I’ve linked to a couple videos that will show you around in the world of the richest elite.

Something that I had never really thought about until I watched this series is the idea that there are actually poor rich people. If you look at Hollywood and compare it to something like Monaco you kind of get the feeling that Hollywood is like the trailer park for rich people.

Ahh, the modern trailer park. I know that this picture isn’t of a real trailer park, but for this post I think it will do just fine. Don’t get me wrong I’m not hating on anyone that actually lives in a trailer park. I just have to make fun it of for a moment. Think about a trailer park. Could be this trailer park, could be any trailer park. One common thread that runs through trailer parks is drugs. One drug that is as common as ever today in trailer parks is the good ol methamphetamine. How many times have people heard about meth explosions in trailer parks? A lot.

Ok, so now that I have established that everyone that lives in the trailer park is a meth head and they all love making meth and living cheap we can now think about Hollywood. Hollywood movies are the meth of the western world media. Imagine Hollywood as a giant trailer park but instead of making meth and sending that out into the community, they make movies instead. Not really that different if you think about it. Is the C-list celebrity really that much different than your bro from the trailer park? I’m not so sure.

If you really want to think about how the wealthiest people live you have to think bigger than c-list celebrity. These celebs might have one house in Miami or Hollywood, but the super wealthy globalist has many mansions all over the world. You can kind of get a glimpse into their world checking out this show on billionaire mansions.

After watching some of this stuff it’s fairly obvious that the world’s wealthiest people don’t think about money in the same way that you or I think about money. One of the more interesting videos that I have watched on the idea of money and how rich people think about their wealth is this one from Anton Kreil.

Regardless of what you think about the world’s richest people they certainly live interesting lives.


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